Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Stop what you're doing and git yr ass over to Locust Street. Chris is featuring The Seven Drinks of Mankind, and he's starting with a Big Rock favorite, Beer! It's one of the best blog posts I've read. Consume lustily the whole damn thing, I say.

Y'all done eatin' up my bandwidth (which is a good thing), so I'm gonna let you enjoy Locust Street today,
then go visit all the great sites posted to yr left (I've added some new ones).

I'll return on Friday with the big ole daily (DAILY!) holiday spectacular Big Rock HO HO Xmas blowout super sale (Free Free Free...don't get much better than that).

First up on Friday will be a feller y'all love and adore. Give you a hint: his alter ego is "Rudibaker". Google away.

Did I mention you really need to pay a visit to Locust Street? Get goin' then. See you the day after Thanksgiving.

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