Friday, November 25, 2005

Rudibaker's Christmas Wish

Yup. Day after Thanksgiving, and time for the Big Rock Candy Mountain daily dish of holiday joy. Bet you couldn't wait. We'll start things off with a popular favorite 'round these parts.

If these tunes aint yr cuppa, please come back after Xmas when I'll do my roundup of Big Rock's fave (and least fave) albums of the year, and then we'll return to our normal service of regular ole slabs of non-celebratory honks, hicks, hillbillys and hollerers. But, hey, stick around. You might like a few of these non-Como delights. Got some truck drivin', blues wailing, greaseballin', sex starvin' yule logs on the road ahead.

Who better that Mr. Rhythm hisself, Andre Williams, to kick off our season on the right foot. You know love him. Man's a legend. Got a set on him. Dirty bastard, too. What can I say that you don't already know? This little tune dates back to the early '70's, and he recorded it under the moniker of "Rudibaker". It's a delightful little joint with Andre wishin' all the best to, really, just about everybody. Great randy backup singers too. Enjoy.

Andre Williams (a.k.a Rudibaker): Christmas Wish

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