Sunday, November 27, 2005

Santa's Brewin' a Heap O'Woe

Jack Scott's one of them there late 50's/early 60's country'n'rockabilly fellers you see all the new whippersnappers tryin' to emulate. Early photos show him workin' a Robert Mitchum-style cool detachment and sneer. One of the early legends, a bopper and honkey tonkin' rumbler.

What follows is yet another cautionary tale. Ladies, if you're steppin' out on your man on Christmas Eve with Santa Claus, you gotta figger there's trouble brewin' when you get home. Scott swings the tale Yule style.

Jack Scott: There's Trouble Brewin' (mp3)

If you're steppin' out on Christmas, consider your local, independent Kris Kringle.

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