Monday, February 21, 2005

Hey me, I'm riding

Just a few quick bits before getting to today's cover star, Mr. Lee Hazlewood.

First, I can't even begin to discuss the death of Hunter S. Thompson. Just want to say rest in peace. In a world of media mediocrity, he will be sorely missed. Drink well, Gonzo.

Second, in a pathetic attempt to solicit comments, I'm instituting a weekly contest. The first person to correctly identify the quote (and it's source) in the description field above (right underneath the blog title) will win a free cd slim case. As a bonus, I will include inside the case an exclusive mix cd made by yrs truly, featuring only the finest tunes from the BigRock library. Get googlin'.

Third, I have egregiously erred. In the Train post from Thursday, I incorrectly claimed a song was by Jimmie Dale Gilmore. While it was my intent to post a Gilmore song of the same name, the tune actually posted was performed by Kieran Kane, from the album Dead Reckoning. Important lesson learned: don't rename all yr files without doublechecking that you've done it correctly. It'll save you hours of work fixing the problem. Gad. Thanks to "Emmett" for pointing out the error.

Now, Lee Hazlewood. Most are aware of his work with Nancy Sinatra, and the essential "These Boots Are Made For Walking". He's the guy who makes Leonard Cohen sound like a classically trained singer.

Hazlewood's genius has always been as a producer and songwriter, working on songs by Dean Martin, Duane Eddy, Johnnie Ray, Waylon Jennings, Hal Blaine, the Shacklefords, and countless others. If Phil Spector were a country boy, he'd produce just like Lee.

One of my favorite Hazlewood collaborations is his work with screen legend Ann-Margaret, The Cowboy and the Lady. It's a strange little piece of country trash noir. Perfect, then, for the 'Mountain.

Big Rock Candy Mountain would like to encourage you to purchase yr favorite records at yr local independents, if at all possible.


Anonymous said...

The quote is from Groucho Marx in "A Night At The Opera". Groucho appeared as Otis B. Driftwood.
I believe the famous game show queen Kitty Carlisle was also in this movie.
Nothing like Groucho and the rest of the Marx Brothers.

bigrockcandymountain said...

We have a winner already!!!!!!! dancing in the streets indeed! ok...errrr....send me an email, John, with an address, so that i may send you yr prize. email is thankyouthankyouthankyou.

countrygrrl said...

hey this blog just gets more exciting every time...obviously folk that know there onions...Lee Hazelwood is a find and a half woooweeee loved Ann-Margaret...did Elvis know about this side of her?? I think he did and seems to have been one of the many loves of his life. More kitsch and country rock the desert and jesus was a cowboy

adam said...

Man, I can't wait to get home and download this. I'ma lovin' your selections Big Rock.

Greg said...

Thanx for the correction re "Ramblin' Man." I grabbed it, but didn't listen that closely. I'm a big Gilmore fan, so I shoulda noticed. However, it's a fine track and i say thanks. BTW, that's a Hank Williams song, tho' y'all probably already know that. -- Greg (aka Enchilada)