Thursday, February 17, 2005

Train Took My Baby Far Away

Thursday is for...Trains.

Switching things up a little this Thursday morn. So, for those here looking for Truckin' Thursday, sorry. I have about as many Train songs as I have Truck tunes. So I figgered, in the interest of keeping things slightly less predictable, I'd alternate. Big rigs next week. I also have an old repost coming tomorrow, and a train post sets it up perfectly.

Don't know much about Bobby Hebb, really. He wrote the classic "Sunny", which has been covered by Frank Sinatra, Wilson Pickett, Dusty Springfield, Ella Fitzgerald, and a host of others. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, he joined the family business, entertainment, and was performing tap and vaudeville around town by the time he hit first grade. He's had a pretty rich history, as briefly detailed in the link above. The song below is a racous preachin' r'n'b cover of an Owen Bradley tune, written for Roy Acuff's Smokey Mountain Boys.

Bobby Hebb: Night Train to Memphis (mp3)

Kieran Kane: Ramblin Man (mp3)

As ever, please buy locally and independently. Or direct. If you can afford it. And take a train. Save Amtrak.

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