Thursday, February 24, 2005

Roll Truck Roll

Give you a lift? Out on the open road? Truckin' Thursday.

Before hopping onboard for the day, head over to BlueSkies, run by CountryGrrl out of bonnie Scotland. It's a new blog, and she's working through some bugs getting tunes up at the moment, but if you like the music here, I think you'll love her site. I'm really looking forward to future posts from her.

Also forgot to mention that we have a winner in the contest. John (from Milwaukee) correctly answered, within minutes of my post, that the above quote was uttered by one Mr. Groucho Marx in A Night at the Opera. Thanks to those who emailed their answers, and please return Monday morning for yr next shot at internet glory and a chance to win an exclusive BigRockCandyMountain slim case with bonus cd.

More rig rock for y'all today. After this, I'm going to give Dave Dudley a rest for a bit. He's the king of truckin' music, really, so it's hard not to include him in every post, but there are hundreds of other deservin' wheel hogs out there demanding a spin.

Like The Willis Brothers. Formed in 1932, primarily as a Western and Western Swing band, The Brothers recorded a whole slew of truckin' songs, long before the genre as we know it even really existed. This was at the dawn of trucks as long range transportation, and these old rigs looked quite a bit different than the modern semi of legend. On a side note, the guitar player's real name is James Ulysses Willis. As a confirmed James Joyce fan, it makes me smile every damn time.

Dave Dudley: Asphalt Cowboy (mp3)

The Willis Brothers: When I Come Driving Thru (mp3)

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countrygrrl said...

love the Dave Dudley....fantastic..I love all this trucker stuff I used to have a bunch of stuff on a cassette and remember a great track called Widowmaker. THis was what the guy's truck was essentially. Thanx for the name check for the blueskies blog...I have posted up a couple of tracks..hope they will help spread good music

Anonymous said...

I must say, I enjoy the trucker songs too. I grew up with the sounds of Red Sovine and other "over the road" music. Thanks!