Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mother Trucker

Be part of the in crowd. Take trucking lessons and head out on the open road. All the cool and rockin' kids dig truckers. It's true. Just look at the hats.

Yep. It's that time again.

You'd think I'd consider renaming this blog, what with all the fawning I do over a certain gruff old carney barker I keep referring to. Well, we like to be real predictable here at the Mountain. And since I posted covers of his songs yesterday, why not post The Man himself. Doing a trucking song. Written by Red Sovine. It's a tune about a truck driver who's...not all there.

As a bonus, and because I've been horribly lax in posting female artists, we have a little truckin' ditty by Miss Norma Jean (no, not the one you're thinking of). She aint exactly a country legend, as those things go, but quite a few legends aren't legends. Rockabilly daughter riding shotgun, we'll call it. What more do you need?

Tom Waits: Big Joe and Phantom 309 (mp3)

Norma Jean: Truck Driving Woman (mp3)

(yousendit on from site)

Please feel free to purchase all yr truckstop favorites locally. And independently. It's better for you.

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Heraclitus said...

haha. great post, cool blog.