Friday, February 04, 2005

Stepped Out For a Smoke

Ch Ch Changes. The Mountain will be undergoing some renovations over the weekend, in an attempt to make your enjoyment of our quality product even better. Files will be a little screwy and you may experience odd colour combinations that will make your head hurt. We aint the brightest ants at the picnic here, dontcha know. But come Monday, I think we'll all be a little happier.

In the meantime, please visit the sites under my links. I've added some new ones, and will be adding more. They're good places, every one, and would enjoy your attention.

For your weekend enjoyment, a little drunken ditty by Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies.

Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies: Show Me the Way to Go Home (mp3)

(yousendit on from site)

Please support yr local independent businesses.

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