Monday, February 28, 2005

Rocket 88

'Nuther Monday, 'nuther episode of the BigRock. Rocket'n'roll.

Gotta be a short one, as I'm headin' out to get me mullet trimmed.

Don't forget to guess the new quote above. First to respond wins an autographed mix cd from the 'Mountain. John(from Milwaukee) is disqualified, as he won last week. It's on the way, John.

Rocket 88 is estimated by some wiser than me as the first true "rock'n'roll" song. I dunno. The first rock song was probably quite some time ago when Ogg and Gogg started beating on the ground and smashing stones together in a cave. 'Course, I think Hank Williams is punk rock and Robert Johnson is death metal.

Anyway, Rocket 88. Some confusion exists, not just on it's place in history, but on whose damn song it is. Ike Turner plays piano, and on some versions takes lead vocals. He probably wrote the song, or most of it,too. The supposed definitive version, and the one posted below, is credited to Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats. Jackie was a member of Turner's Delta Rhythm Kings. Much more on the history and confusion can be found here. What's most important is that it's a wonderfully trashy little tune about girls, cars, and sex. Not necessarily in that order. Recorded by Sam Phillips years before he formed Sun Records, and based on (copped from?) Jimmy Liggin's "Cadillac Boogie, it's a fine slice of music history.

Continuing the rocket theme, I'm gonna add a good girl gone bad. Bonnie Lou weighs in with a randy little bit of bopabilly. Apparently she's on a rocket and it's creating quite a bit of friction heat. Hmm.....

Jackie Brentson and His Delta Cats: Rocket 88 (mp3)

Bonnie Lou: Friction Heat (mp3)

As ever, please consider purchasing all yr rocket materials from yr local independents. It's good for you. It's good for them.

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Richard Buckner from Devotion&Doubt

bigrockcandymountain said...

winner!!!! was beginning to think noone was out there. i'll be emailing you shortly to get yr info. Thanks!

countrygrrl said...

hi fab mp3s as usual..not fast enough to be a winner..listening to kasey chambers right now ..followed by bob D with girl from the North absolute desert island disc

Heretikos said...

Hey, I'm a long time lurker but thought I'd come out from under my stone. Really love this site. I look forward to the updates and your pictures are cool.

Donnie said...

Hi, new reader/first time poster but I love the music and the sentiment hat goes with it. Have you seen the info for the big rockabilly fest that's going on in Green Bay at the Oneida casino in April? Ike Turner is slated to play. I'm interested to see what he sounds like (even though he is a rotten bastard of a human being.)