Wednesday, July 28, 2004

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Well...happy DNC week.  Let's raise a toast to the party that forgot it's people.  Yeah, I'm a little pissed off these days.  And not because Chicago interrupted Last Comic Standing to show the same Barack Obama speech that was showing on every other channel in Chicago.  Yes, he's a really swell guy.  Yes, he's studied Jesse Jackson very closely.  Yes, I'm going to vote for him.  But this convention is sad.  Tired.  Trot out the speakers, let them say the same things over and over and over.  When was the last time anything said at the pep ralley masquerading as a "Convention" actually came to pass?  FDR?  Teddy?  Bush is evil, no doubt about it.  But nothing I've heard or seen so far has convinced me that John Kerry deserves my vote either.  And I refuse to buy into the lockstep message I'm being fed.  So far as I'm concerned...both of them can go...errr...have relations with themselves.  Out of touch.  Part of the problem.  So much talk about "throwing away our votes".  Well, I agree.  I refuse to throw away my vote on candidates that don't speak for me.  Sorry.  I'm just really disgusted.  Tomorrow I'm going to put up some interesting and fun links.  I promise.  Y'all will be well rewarded.  Today, I'm just tired from staying up too late watching Scarborough (sp?) and little Ronnie Reagan hug each other. 

Changed my mind on the book front (shock! surprise!), due in part to a package I received yesterday.  Full details tomorrow...but until then, I'll just say ACME.  Heh.

In keeping with my ebulliant mood....This week is going to "political music"  week.  I hate political music.  The U2 kind...that's jingoistic and trite.  (hey, wait...come back...ooops i think i just lost all my readers).   Even my old hero, little mikey stipe's become tedious.  But, hell, there's some damn good political tunes out there.  Today, we've got three (THREE!!!!).  goody.

The Dropkick Murphys are an Irish band via Boston, MA.  A little bit Pogues, a little bit Clash, a little bit dockworker.  And they have a lead Bagpiper.  Just wait for the guitars.  Billy Bragg....well, what can I say.  He's Billy Bragg.  Most of you are at least familiar with him via the Woody Guthrie albums with Wilco.  'Course Bragg's been around awhile...and has the startling abilitiy to mix the personal a the political with some of the best melodies you've ever heard.  This particular track by Bragg starts off slowish, guitar and voice...but it builds and builds and builds, and I gurantee by the end of the song, you'll be singing along.  And of course, Billy's toungue is never very from his cheeks (insert joke here).  Finally, Randy Newman.   We know he can write Disney tunes...but who knew he was a prophet too?   Well, enjoy. 

Dropkick Murphys: Cadence to Arms (mp3)

Billy Bragg: Waiting for the Great Leap Forward (mp3)

Randy Newman:  Political Science (mp3)

(Click on song...go to from there.  god bless us, each and every one)

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