Monday, July 19, 2004

I am an accordion. And I am beautiful. Love me Posted by Hello
So, I've got a few dilemnas today. 
I'm currently, and unfortunately, unemployed.  The job market sucks.  It seems I'm overqualified for some jobs, and underqualified for others.  (lots of uns.  sorry.).  I spend a majority of my day sending out resumes.  I feel as if posting a blog is an "extra" to my daily routine, and therefore don't update every day.  A friend of mine, he knows who he is, has wrestled with the idea of whether or not there's any point to doing this.  I'm pretty sure my readership is much lower than his.  I've posted up songs in attempt to evetually develop into a proper music blog, and to also convince others to check me out (hey, kids, free music!).  I'm not far enough along to develop into a "proper" music i hesitate to send links to the larger blogs, in order  link back.  So for now, this is just for my friends. 
So...some opinions, please.  Does anyone read this?  Would you like me to be more "diaristic" in my blog?  More about me?  Do y'all want the songs?  Should I include some of my writin's/pomes/bookmoviemusic critiques?  Nake pictures of Anna K?  What can I do to make this more appealing?  Ok...I'll stop.  Leave me a comment, ifn y'all wish or email me
Today's tunes:  The first, Asteroids,  is by a band called The Real Tuesday Weld.  It's a late nite kinda song...old jazz samples, modern beats, and a voice floating atop it all about finding love in outer space.  You need this song. 
The second, Quit Your Lowdown Ways is a greasy, organ-led garageblues tune about sinnin'.  and salvation.  Shake it, shake it, shake it, kids. 
Take Care.
The Real Tuesday Weld: Asteroids
Dunwich Record: Quit Yr Lowdown Ways
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Anonymous said...

i read it, but then you know that already. definitely stick with the music blog idea - been jonesin' for some bkr music and this has been a great way to get my fix. as for the other content, i'll read whatever is there. really. i have no life.

see ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian! I will read whatever you put up,it's all good. I like the music blog but my computer isn't fast enough to download so I haven't been able to listen to the songs yet but I will shortly. Keep writing...whatever you feel like writing...i'm lovin it.