Friday, July 30, 2004

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So today is happy Brian day.

I'm delaying my Big Books reading for another week. Reason being, I just got the new McSweeny's entitled, well, McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Vol. 13. And it's edited by america's greatest current writer, Chris Ware. Ware's most famous work is Jimmy Corrigan: Smartest Kid on Earth, which won Britain's prestigious Guardian prize. And it's a comic book. Yep, you heard me. Comic Book. 'Cept this aint no ordinary super hero kinda thing. Those who know me, know i've been reading them there comics for awhile now. Big fan. From Neil Gaiman to Daniel Clowes to R. Crumb to Peter Bagge, I can't get enough. Course you'll note that none of these authors actually write for kids. Or repressed 30 -something Dungeons and Dragon boys. Comics have come a long way. Jimmy Corrigan is one of the saddest and most beautifully illustrated books i've ever read. I think it should be required reading for all...hop down to yr local library and reserve it now (it's a hugely popular title, so the odds of the library actually having a copy not checked out is rare). Really, i swear to's a serious and wonderful piece of literature, with nary a caped crusader to be found. The new McSweeney's offers works by Ware and a host of other great, mostly independent comix authors. I'll have a full review when i finish.

Another thing making me happy today is The Marx Brothers (you absolutely must click on this link). I just rewarded myself after a job interview today with a dvd viewing of A Night at the Opera. I've always preferred the Marx Brothers to other comic teams. Maybe it was Woody Allen in Hannah and Her Sisters that convinced me, i dunno, but there's just so much more to their films. There is of course the brilliant slapstick that still leaves me in tears. Harpo on the Harp. That walk of Groucho's. And puns, sweet puns. Nonstop. But the Brothers offer something more...they're anarchists (non-political) and populists (political) at heart, mocking every societal convention with unfettered glee. Hide yr cows, cuz nothing's sacred. Get yr Marx Brothers fix today...nothing called comedy now comes even close.

A special shoutout to Jay London.

Tunes should be up in about an hour. I'm having briefcas issues. Keep checking back, and may the road rise to greet you.

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