Thursday, July 08, 2004

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I love trucking music. Love it. From the constant boom chicka boom of the guitars, steel please, to the lyrics about white line fever (lines on the road of course) and drinking too much coffee. There's a commercial for a travel agent or sumsuch that uses, rather inappropriately, his eminence Johnny Cash doing "I've Been Everywhere". I hate that commercial. First, they should never have exploited Cash, particularly after his death. Second, it's quaint.

Dave Dudley. died last year. He was the King of truck driving music. Read more about him here
So, in honor of Dave, and in an attempt a new way to post up some music for all my legions of readers, i'm gonna try this: click on the song at the bottom of this post...should take you to a briefcase that will allow you to download the song. cross your toes.

Dave Dudley: 2 Six Packs Away

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