Thursday, July 29, 2004

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You know what?  I'm more pissed off today than i was yesterday.   Sorry to be so unpleasant.  The fun stuff's gonna have to wait a couple more days, at least until the DNC is over.  Last nite I watched a speach that almost made me think about voting for Kerry.  Al Sharpton came and and blew the entire building up.  He addressed issues that matter to a great deal of people.  People often ignored by the mainstream press, and most certianly by the powers that be in the two major political parties.   He spoke about things that Nader has been speaking about.   He spoke about issues that used to be the core of what the Democratic party stood for.  The crowd was on it's feet.  I felt better than i have for a long time about politics.  It was inflammatory and relevant.  Loud and bold.  Took no prisoners, gave no bullshit.  I thought to myself   this is the party i've missed...the party i've been waiting for to return to us.

Whoooops.  Boy, was i wrong.  You may remember that Rev. Al hasn't exactly endeared himself to a "certain group of people".  You may have also noticed that Sharpton is Black.  Shucks, the all-white panels on msnbc following his speech sure didn't forget.  From Chris (Nutjob) Mathews to "Liberals" who should know better, nobody forgot that Sharpton was Black, and that he wasn't speaking to them, and their carefully cultivated bank accounts.  The vitriol spewed his way from all sides (did i mention they were all white?) was, frankly, rank racism.  Conservatives i expect to not understand the "negro problem."  They (republicans) don't understand anything unless it's god, or, more accurately, how god can get them more money so they can fuck over their fellow man.  To them, the Black vote, and Black concerns are minor issues, at best.  I didn't expect them to like Sharpton's speech, because it threatened the very "values" they hold dear.  The Democrats, the Liberals, though...that's a different story.  For the Dems to have come out so anti-Sharpton is the biggest blow to my confidence in the party, yet.  With the exception of Willie Brown, who nobody gives a chance to speak, every Dem represented on talk shows like Hard(nutjob)Ball are white.  And they completely recoiled from Sharpton's message.  They want nothing to do with the real problems in this country.  The only Black issues they want to deal with, or allow to be spoken, are ones they can wrap their heads around.  The message given the Black community was essentially "know your place".  They have no room for "uppity niggers" like Sharpton.  I'm disgusted.  Sick.  A whole group of people told that their concerns are too "extreme" for white america. 

I have never voted Republican.  I, now, will never vote Democrat, either. 

I wanted to put a link to a transcript of Sharpton's speech.  Couldn't find it.  If someone knows a better place to hunt let me know.  Seems to have disappeared.  Back to the cotton fields, apparently.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it?  Please like me. 

So...i can't gurantee i won't be political again.  But , politics.  I promise.  I'm going to tell you about the greatest new writer in america.  And I'll have those promised photos of Phyllis Diller nekkid.

Tunes.  That's what we're here for.

Let's start with Gil Scot-Heron...we've heard this song before...but i think it's tremendously relevant.  And it's got a great beat.
Bob Dylan wrote "Song to Woody" as a logical extension and tribute to america's greatest songwriter and champion, Woody Guthrie.  This is Uncle Tupelo's "bootleg" version.
And finally, a non-political song.  I dedicate to Rev. Al Sharpton.  Jackie Wilson swooned with the angels and danced with the devil...sweet and sweaty sin.  Enjoy.   Peace.

Gil Scot-Heron: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (mp3)

Uncle Tupelo: Song to Woody (live)(mp3)

Jackie Wilson: Soul Galore (mp3)


ang said...

we still likey

Anonymous said...

hey brian, thurman here. little behind on my blog reading. here's a link to sharpton's speech:

glad you've been blogging this week since i haven't been in the mood. talk to you soon, my friend. Æ