Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Yep. I'm obsessed. Posted by Hello

I'm back, and taking a break from job searching to try a little experiment. I know there's tons of mp3 blogs out there, and the debate is raging about whether they're appropriate or not. well, my two cents is...why the hell not? I think most people who post songs do so because they love the music. It's the equivalant of making mixes. I myself have bought many an album because of "free" downloads. And the stuff I don't like? Well, I delete it off my hard harm, no foul. I don't really care about Metallica or Britney Spears or, god forbid, Jessica Simpson. They're kinda like the (warning: not very subtle political comment)Democratic party. They consistenly put out subpar albums with only a few "tracks" that anyone cares about, then wonder why their "fans" wander away to...errrr...greener pastures, or take what they like, without buying into the whole album.

So, after all that, I'd like to attempt a little free music. I'm a little technologically limited at the moment, so we're going to rely on for a little help. If anyone knows of a better way, please feel free to send tutorials, advice or stern warnings my way. And this is an experiment, so it may not work. Again, let me know, and back to the drawing board.

Today's selection is courtesy of Shane Macgowan's first band, the Nipple Erectors. Or the Nips for short. The song, Gabrielle, is an absolute treat. Shane sounds almost sober. It's obviously pre-Pogues, and there's not much in the way of Irishness to it, but the melody is killer. on the song, which should take you to a site to download it from. Tomorrow I'll try to say something of substance.

note: If any interested parties (yousendit, shane, record label types, etc.) object, please leave a comment, and I'll remove it. But, geez, we're just fans who love Shane, and if you'd make the song available for sale, i'd be happy to spend the cash.

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Anonymous said...

brian -

no luck downloading. says the server may be down at the moment. i'll keep trying, see if i have better luck later.

thanks for the kind words. we'll see what happens.