Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brand Spankin' Santa

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We've got a swell little Holiday libation from The Minus 5 over at Barstool Mountain. Check it out.

Here at the parent site, we're gonna drag things down to the gutter for your Holiday enjoyment today.

Dead Moon bring their glorious mess of murky garage trash to the Yule, still sounding like snotty teens just learning to play their instruments (they've been at this for 20 years). Featuring the lowest of lo-fi production values (push play, turn up the dollar store amps), Fred and Kathleen Cole swap greasy vocals like spit, lamenting a laundry list of Christmas woes. Punk Rawk!

The second tune is culled from one of The Mountain's "reissues" of the year, "Make It Stop! The Most of Ross Johnson (on Goner Records). Ross Johnson's a bit of a ranter, and with a little help from Monsieur Jeffrey Evans, here spins a harrowing little tale that resolves itself nicely into a swell little nihilistic Christmas message.

Dead Moon: Christmas Rush (mp3)

Ross Johnson (with Monsieur Jeffrey Evans): Mr. Blue(Cut Your Head Off On X-Mas) (mp3)

Give me, give me more, more, more.

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