Friday, December 14, 2007

Xmas Fruitcakes

Does anybody actually like fruitcake? They still make it, and folks still received logs of the stuff during the Holiday season. Someone must be eating it. I just don't know who. Does anybody out there have a defense for fruitcake? Has anyone ever re-gifted a fruitcake a year later? We'd like to hear about it.

Speaking of fruitcakes, we're proud to present three fellers who sound as if they're a few eggs short of a nog. Two of 'em from the Norton Records stable, if that means anything to you.

King Coleman shouts, wails, and murmers his way, against a honking dead goose of a saxophone, through a bizarre Rhythm and Blues Christmas tale. On Norton!

You'd be forgiven for initially mistaking "On A Christmas Day" by C.W. Stoneking as one of them there old-timey "blue" Dixieland Ragtime numbers. 'Course Stoneking aint old-timey, he just wants to be. His most recent album (on the essenital Voodoo Rhythm Records)is called "King Hokum" for a reason. Here he trades randy vocals with a female counterpart, detailing a very special Christmas gift. I'd like to stand under that mistletoe.

Nervous Norvous sounds like a Bedlam saint in arrested development, beating Daniel Johnston to the (rum)punch by a good 20-30 years. Norvous has a plan to catch Santa in the act and he's not gonna rest 'til he accomplishes his mission. On Norton!

Don't forget to stop by Barstool Mountain for more Holiday fun. Today, Santa's in his cups, and decides against taking a cab home. See what happens next.


King Coleman: Blue Grey Christmas (mp3)

C.W. Stoneking: On A Christmas Day (mp3)

Nervous Norvous: I'm Waiting Up For Santa (mp3)

Santa's heading straight to the looney bin this year.

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Anonymous said...

When I started reading this post, I thought you were going to do fruitcake songs. It could happen! For one, there's "Mrs Fogarty's Christmas Cake" by Mick Moloney and Eugene O'Donnell. If you've never heard this, you need to. I'm sorry I don't have a copy to share, but you Can get it from E-Music. Enjoy.