Monday, December 10, 2007

Tear Jerkin' Santa

Quick programming note. Barstool Mountain is back in business. For the next 2 weeks, Barstool Mountain will be mirroring this here little site, providing daily doses of Holiday Cheer. Key word being Cheer, as Barstool Mountain's gonna feature all your favorite Seasonal drinking songs. Good times, so hop on over and pick up the first round, an inebriated good eve from Red Sovine. Drinks are on the house.

Here at the 'Candy Mountain we're gonna wade into a sea of Xmas cheese. The following three artists are known for ass-kicking tunes about trucks and trains. But they have a dark side. A very dark side. They've all committed the mortal sin of the "talking" song, a style so vile it becomes hilarious after repeated listening, reducing one to tears of joy and hysteria. Your local poetry slam participant has got nothing on these guys. This is my special gift to you this festive time of year.

Red Simpson weigh-stations in with a tale of orphans, orphans, farmers, and semi trucks. No, really.

Boxcar Willie details a very "special" relationship at Christmastime between central casting characters Santa Fe Sam and Hobo Bill.

Red Sovine, the worst offender of the genre, imagines Santa as some kind of skid row pervert. You have to hear this to believe it.

Your Holiday experience is not remotely complete without these fine tunes. Git your hankies ready.

Red Simpson: The Old Christmas Truck (mp3)

Box Car Willie: Santa Fe Sam and Hobo Bill (mp3)

Red Sovine: Faith In Santa (mp3)

I've got nuthin' to say after this post.

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