Monday, December 03, 2007

Santa In The Slammer

The Mountain's getting locked up for the Holidays.

Nah, not really. But some folks are, so we'd like to send a shout out to our men and women in (striped) uniforms. Actually, do prisons even use those caricatured striped outfits any more?


If Santa's been checking his list, there's a lot of naughty out there. There's some swell Christmas in the Big House-type tunes out there. We've already covered a few in past years (The Youngster's "Christmas In Jail" and John Prine's version of "Christmas in Prison"), and we're going acquit ourselves of a few more (sorry about that) today for your listening enjoyment.

Long interred Blues pianist Leroy Carr brings us a scratchy tale of Christmas woe. Apparently being in jail for the Holidays is a pain in the ass. And get your adolescent minds out of the gutter. Shame on you.

Crackpot genius Seasick Steve brings his homemade git-tars (The Three Stringed Trance Wonder, The One Stringed Diddley Bow) to the lock-up for a little junkyard rave-up. The song's a killer.


Leroy Carr: Christmas In Jail(Aint That a Pain) (mp3)

Seasick Steve and the Level Devils: Xmas Prison Blues(mp3)

Please support your local, independent pickpocket and purse snatcher. We all want some bread on our table and big screen tv for the Holidays.

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