Thursday, December 06, 2007

Santa's On Fire

Whoo boy. Ever get a bad ankle sprain at the precisely the wrong time? The Mountain is infirm, laid up with our feet in the air (that sounds kind of funny....). Perfect timing. Let's hear it for Internet shopping for the Holidays! And let's hear it for pills! Lots and lots of painkilling pills!

The show, as always, must go on, though, so we've managed to drag ourselves over to the computing machine (yep, we're still in the dark ages of the desktop pc) for another installment in the Big Rock Candy Mountain Festive Extravaganza. There's no such thing as too much hyperbole.

We've pretty much got our schedule planned out from now 'til Shane Macgowan's birthday (December 25th), barring any new surprises that might come our way, and we've tried to mix up styles as much as possible. For some reason we've got an overload of trash this week, but I'm going to stick with it. There's plenty of Country and Blues coming your way over the next few weeks. And I stand by every damn song I post.

Holly Golightly is another in a long line of secret crushes in which The Mountain indulges. You may know her best as a member of Thee Headcoatees, the all-girl response to Billy Childish's Thee Headcoats. (you might be seeing a pattern here, based on the post from Tuesday). 'Course Ms. Golightly has forged her own way in the world out from under Childish's shadow. Today, she suffers the consequence of too much Christmas tree love.

The Sonics may be one of the most influential bands ever. More hyperbole, yes, but I think it may be deserved. Loud, nasty, and snotty, they built a template for every garage and trash band to follow, for better or for worse. We last heard from them way back in Season One with a different tune. Today, we get their classic Xmas tune. A cover of which we featured last year by, wait for it, Thee Headcoatees. A tune covered this year by, keep waiting for it, Billy Childish and The Musicians of The British Empire. Phew. And...there's another great version done by Sonic Boom/Spectrum, which a quick Google search should hook you up with. Nevertheless, The Sonics original is the one you need the most. It's one of the most perfect songs ever written.


Holly Golightly: Christmas Tree On Fire (mp3)

The Sonics: Santa Claus (mp3)

Please buy plenty of goods and products for The Holidays. Otherwise, the terrorists have won.

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