Monday, December 17, 2007

Truck Santa

Over at Barstool Mountain, we've got our favorite Holiday Drinking song of all time. Just, you know, lettin' you know.

Over here we're gonna go with yet another Truckin' post, Yule-style. What can we say? If y'all haven't figgered out our obsession with Big Rigs by now, we obviously haven't been doing our job.

It's the usual suspects, Red Simpson and Dave Dudley. Red's thinking about hanging up the ole CB for the season. Dave's not singing about his Eighteen Wheeler in this track, but he's still the voice of the Trucker's soul. If you close your eyes, you can still hear the rumble of a convoy in the background.

Truck Santa!

Red Simpson: Gone Home For Christmas (mp3)

Dave Dudley: Can I Sing A Christmas Song For You (mp3)

Support your local truck stop this Holiday season.

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