Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas In The Congo

Quick and late post today. We're a little, erm, under the weather, as it were.

'Tis the season for giving 'n all that. I asked for a copy of "Christmas In The Congo" by the Marquees a week ago and what do I find in my email, but two copies of the song courtesy of Steve and Steven (what are the odds?).

"Christmas In The Congo" is the Mountain's 2nd favorite Christmas song (tune in Monday for our very favorite). It's a glorious,jiving, rhythm and blues slab of Yule joy. We'll have more on it's author, Ric Masten, in a later post.

Stop by tomorrow for a special treat, and again Monday for a Blowout Christmas Eve Special. Yep.


The Marquees: Christmas In The Congo (mp3)

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Blagger said...

Well, I tuned in on Monday and I sit here - post Christmas - and still have no idea of what your favourite is. Do tell please!

Blagger said...

By the way, is this the same 'Christmas in the Congo' as I heard in the UK here on Christmas Day sung by Teddy and the Tall Tops? (Can't imagine there are two with the same name!)