Monday, December 05, 2005

Dig That Crazy Santa

Apparently, even those boppin' beatniks get a jones for Santa Claus.

Babs Gonzalez was one of them hepster bop singers, all finger snappin' cafe cool, throwing down crazy, mad, existential rhyme over hard bop jazzmatazz. Goatee optional.

Gonzalez was backed in his career by such luminaries as Sonny Rollins, Jimmy Smith, and Art Pepper, all providing the hard bop groove and cool to match his (now very dated) beat repetoire. More famously he formed the cult bop group Three Bips and a Bop, a cult favorite amongst record collectors of a certain vintage.

Here then, is Gonzalez giving his own cool cat tale of a beatnik Santa Claus. With Organ!

Babs Gonzalez: Be-Bop Santa Claus (mp3)

Support your local, independent coffee shop. On the other hand, do not support your local slam poet. It only encourages them.

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