Thursday, December 01, 2005

Get Trucked for Christmas

You knew this post had to be on it's way at some point. If I can't have an elephant, maybe I can get a big rig. Heaven is a truck?

Red Simpson is a favorite of ours here at the Mountain. Hell, anyone writin' truckin' tunes is welcome at the Mountain. And this aint the last Santa semi you're gonna get from us this year. This one goes out special for John (from Milwaukee). And, oh my god, y'all, if you got a truck...get busy. Santa's counting on you.

Red Simpson: Truckin' Trees For Christmas (mp3)

Purchase your Xmas tunes from a local, independent retailer. Help their youngun's have a happy Holiday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Big Rock,

Thanks for the post.
I'm sure you received a plus mark in Santa's ledger.

John (from Milw)

countrygrrl said...

faaaaab as always...i am even more sure that santa was really a trucker too...with a pechance for countrry christmas music...hope you are well and a big HELLO from bonnie scotland where we are having SNOW for the first time in a couple of years..yeeehaa

The King Of Jingaling said...

Great stuff. Thanks for spreadin' the cheer!

bigrockcandymountain said...

shucks, thanks y'all.