Saturday, December 17, 2005

Jingle Tingle

Just got a fantastic little book called Naked Vinyl: Bachelor Album Cover Art. Lots of naughty cheesecake album covers from the golden age of rekkids. Fine stuff.

Kay Martin isn't featured in the book, but her classic Christmas album, I Know What He Wants For Christmas has made it's share of rounds around the world wide web already. Don't know much about our friend Kay. She seems to have some rather devious designs on poor Santa, mostly of the carnal nature. Her Christmas bop is more of a horizontal swing on Mr. Clause's instrument. A fine example of 50's-style stag albums with plenty of stripper drums, cheesy organ, and more than slightly suggestive lyrics. Who doesn't enjoy a little whoopee at the Holidays?

Just in case you haven't picked this up elsewhere, here's a couple of naughty bits to keep you warm this Holiday season.

Kay Martin and Her Body Guards: Santa's Doing the Horizontal Twist (mp3) (RapidShare Link)

Kay Martin and Her Body Guards: Come On Santa, Let's Have a Ball (mp3) (RapidShare Link)

Give your loved ones something special this Christmas. Wait, that sounded funny. Give your local record store clerk something special this Christmas. That sounds better.

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Reverend Frost said...

aaaaaaaa, my fav xmas lp !