Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Day two of the exciting Big Rock Candy Mountain Top Ten Albums of the Year list. The records I listened to the most this year. Yay. Lists are fun. Let's jump right in.

8. Buff Medways: Medway Wheelers (Damaged Goods)
Just as I whine about music becoming formulaic and repetitive, I go and pick an album featuring a feller who hasn't changed his shtick in nearly 30 years. Hypocrite? Oh, you betcha. The Buff Medways are the latest full band mouthpiece for one Mr. Billy Childish. And like fellow eccentric, Mark E. Smith, Childish pulls his muse from a more primitive soil than most. There's no such thing as a bad Billy Childish album. This year's entry in his classic canon (over 100 releases and counting) brings everything you expect from Childish. Tribal, pounding, jungle punk filtered through 50's American rock, and layered in an English sense of Englishness. Above it all, the ranting, raving, headcoat-wearing madman that is Wild Billy Childish. This is your punk. It's your Dad's punk. And, hell, it's your grandfather's punk as well.

The Buff Medways: Poundland Poets (mp3)

7. Quintron and Miss Pussycat: Swamp Tech/Electric Swamp (Tigerbeat6)
Speaking of skinny white boys with keyboards, Mr. Quintron has got a big-ass organ. Hailing from the 9th Ward, New Orleans, Louisiana, Quintron's been twiddling with his organ and his drum buddy, submitting them to the gods of mutant swamp boogie. Miss Pussycat brings the puppets. It's the dirtiest kind of soul. I don't mean cussin', it just sounds filthy. A maniacal journey to the underbelly of a, perhaps, now lost New Orleans. A twisted roller rink from hell, chugging, swampwater organ and muddygroove beats melted down in the heat to the barest essence. Quintron on top, stripped to his underoos, pleading and demanding, inviting you to the last great party before the rains come. It's the type of album that could only have come from the 9th Ward. And did I mention Miss Pussycat and the puppets?

Quintron: Chatterbox (mp3)

Please, support your local, independent record store(s). God wants you to.


countrygrrl said...

hi big rock!!! happy christmas from a big fan of your blog. I have been having a bit of a carry on trying to listen to your posts as this rapidshare is more like slowshare with times of up to 58 minutes waiting time. Reminds me of British Rail...anyhow i know it is probably to do with bandwidth and all that, and it may just be me not clicking the right boxes, but i am salivating as i can't get near the damn things!!!! have a fab holiday and all power to bloggers.

guapo said...

Have you ever seen billy live? He`s really great. Totally uncompromised. Billy and the Buff Medways still play at the Dirty Water club in London nearly every month. I`ve lost count of the number of times i`ve seen him there (and at other clubs before it!) in the last sixteen years. Not that i`m stalking him mind!
And I don`t get out that much these days!

(C)rapidshare sucks! I`ve only ever downloaded one file from that mutha and i`ve probably tried 30 or 40 times! maybe it just hates the UK. And don`t worry countrygrrl. I`m sure you`re doing it right!

bigrockcandymountain said...
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bigrockcandymountain said...

Thanks to both of you for letting me know...the rant above is not aimed at y'all, but rather a few morons who probably still live with their parents...i honestly didn't know rapidshare sucked that badly.
Mr. Barf, I am green with envy. I have never, to my great sadness, been able to witness the mighty Thee live. Lucky bastard.

guapo said...

then I strongly suggest you take the plunge and visit our most historic and rather damp shores!