Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sweep My Boom Chicka

Day three of Big Rock Candy Mountain's fantastically ace Top Ten Albums of 2005.

Just spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find a decent file-sharing service. Apparently RapidShare aint so rapid in some necks 'o' the woods. To the folks who kindly let me know (particularly two of my favorite bloggers), I thank you. To the two folks who nastily e-mailed me, and the feller who can't spell, and posts under "anonymous", y'all can fuck right off.

Phew, and anyway. Trying to test out that new file-sharing service. You should be able to "right click and save target as" (pc users)as usual, before the big Big Rock bandwidth crash of '05. If it still aint workin' well, let me know. In a civil manner. You can insult me all you want about my music opinions, politics, or the shirt I'm a-wearin'. That's what I'm here for.

Oh yeah, the list.

6. King Khan and BBQ: The King Khan and BBQ Show (Goner Records)
I didn't know what to do with this record. It probably makes perfect sense that junktrashsleaze masters King Khan and BBQ should team up. In some alternate supergroup universe. The fact that DM Bob produced this unholy soul sludge rattlin' racket just adds to the party in your pants we find on this slab of aluminum. I've gotta find this on vinyl. Your next shindig/hoedown/rentparty needs this album. Once the booze is flowin' and the grinding begins, slap this sucker on and watch things get nasty. Bring the redneck strippers.

King Khan and BBQ: Waddlin' Around (mp3)

5. Buck 65: This Right Here Is Buck 65 (V2)
Then we reach the burnt desert portion of the list. Ostensibly a hip hop artist, Buck 65 is more a gunslinger, wearing a Tom Waits hat and Johnny Cash's black trenchcoat. "This Right Here Is Buck 65" is an odds and sods bag, released at the beginning of this year, and meant to draw U.S. attention to his work, particularly his classic album, "Talkin' Honky Blues" (which is the best country album since Magnetic Fields' "Charm of the Highway Strip"). It's a sandblasted affair, and a dusty bible. Creaking, tinned, and faded rhythms compete with steel guitar and Buck 65's own country psychosis, delivered in a holy ghost cactus drawl. This aint no Bubba Sparxx yeehaw cornball. It's the sound of a man, caught between two competing styles, shitkicking in da club. He's chasing cowboys, digging up rhymes, and mumbling at the moon

Buck 65: Wicked and Weird (mp3)

As ever, most of us aint wealthy. If you've got a few spare bucks, and want to purchase one of these or other fine albums, consider checking out your local, independent, record store.


Fire of lovE said...

Fuck them,
I like your blog and style
Merry Christmas !!!!

King Kahn rocks !!!!
Great stuff, you have my interest

countrygrrl said...

hey thanks so much for checking out other methods of sharing your wares...i didn't expect this esp if it was working for the main group of visitors. I get pissed off with folks that badmouth lets hope the aforementioned go fuck themselves with a hot dog dipped in chilli sauce.Your blog has always been one of my main stopping off portals and i always enjoy the great imagery and effort put into your posts. hey...i think i just got hold of king khan...thanks!!!

bigrockcandymountain said...

Thanks Fire and Grrl! I aim to please.