Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Very Special Xmas Episode

Now it's starting to feel like a Festive Season!

Today, we're gonna treat y'all to the very greatest Christmas song of all.  Courtesy of the master himself, Mr. Red Sovine, Words cannot even describe the brilliance of this song.  You have to hear it for yourselves, and stick around for the fantastic ending.  We promise it'll be worth your time.  The song is dedicated to our buddy Good John over at WMSE

Del Reeves and Jimmy Martin do their damndest to match Mr. Sovine's brilliance. 

If you grab one song from us this joyous season, this is the one you need!

Red Sovine: Billy's Christmas Wish (mp3)

Del Reeves: Christmas Is Lonely (mp3)

Jimmy Martin: Christmas is Everywhere Except in My Heart (mp3)



Caffeinated Joe said...

THREE awesome songs. Thank you so much!

Adrian said...

Red Sovine is indeed a storming tune. Fantastic find!

Mark said...

This stuff is right up my alley. The rest of the household calls it "sad bastard music." Screw 'em.

Anonymous said...

Billy was nausea-inducing--just call me Scrooge. Keep up the good work! Your blog in December is like twenty-five days of waking up each morning and wondering which songs Santa left under the tree!

Lester said...

Red's "Billy" tale was enough to render his "Here It Is Christmas" into the effervescent pop pile. Many thanks. Ho-ho-ho-boo-hoo!

schoppenaas said...

Christ that's a real tearjerker. Cheers to little Billy!

Family Man said...

I agree with Lester. I thought "Here it is Christmas" was maudlin, but Red outdoes himself here.