Thursday, December 27, 2012

Driven By The Snow

 Man, we want that hi-fi system above....

Here we go!  Day 2 of the Big Rock Candy Mountain Top 50 Rekkids of 2012!  Good times!

Y'all might notice a lack of 7"'s on the list...gonna give 'em their own list eventually.

Also, y'all might notice that we have virtually no major label releases on our list (maybe a couple of exceptions coming up).  Oddly, that's not so much on purpose, but more, well, the fact that the "majors" don't really release anything interesting.  It's just not in their nature.

The Big Rock Candy Mountain Top 50 Records of 2012, Part 2

40.  Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes: S/T

A legend returns, garage band in tow, for typically tart shout-along, taking the piss, no prisoners.

Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes: Black Dog (mp3)

39. Singing Loins: Here On Earth

Busker-influenced (from way before the recent wave of lame pretenders) stomping and  back-porch hootin'!

The Singing Loins: Happy Me Up (mp3) 

38. Soulsavers: The Light, The Dead Sea

Swirled black as night sinful gospel, fading in and out like am radio crackle, deep beats and symphonic hallelujah if trance was heaven, and we won't tell who does "vocals".

37. Teen: In Limbo

Ronettes meet the Cure, girls in summer fuzzy and sepia, produced by Sonic Boom of Spectrum and Spacemen 3, so that's what you can expect.

Teen: Better (mp3)

36. Spiritualized: Sweet Heart Sweet Light

The sound of psych god moving across the surface.

Spiritualized: Hey Jane (mp3)

35. K-Holes: Dismania

Nooo Yawk no-wave inspired freakout and splatter, geetar frenzy sax destruction deconstructed  blown a fuse.

K-Holes: Rats (mp3)

34. Ex-Cult: Ex-Cult

Punk from a garage filled with paint fumes, traded vocal shouty, shambling, stanky, Memphis on fire!

Ex-Cult: Better Life Through Chemistry (mp3)

33. Atomic Suplex: Bathroom Party 

Rawk baby, lose yr eardrums the party's started, everyone's naked and fucking toward the end of time, balloons popped into helium madness!

Atomic Suplex: I'm On (mp3)

32. Cowbell: Beat Stampede

DeepBluesCountryFreakbeatR'nB mashemup, timeless.

Cowbell: Oh Girl (mp3)

31. Ketamines: Spaced Out

Psych-fuzzed trash snot, surged with organ and vintage rawk, yum!

Ketamines: Teenage Rebellion Time (mp3)

Please support independent artists and labels.  Buy a record or 7".  Take a chance and go see a show at yr local dingy club!  Fuck arena spectacles!


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