Sunday, December 09, 2012

Rig Ridin' Santa

The Xmas rig keeps on a' rollin'! 

Couple of things...1) Songs are up for a limited time (about two weeks), so grab 'em while you can! 2) We're happy to re-post tunes from previous years' Holiday blow-outs, so if there's a tune you missed from yesteryear, let us know.  Re-posts from this year will have to wait til next year.  It's just a thing.

Now then...

Some of our tunes come from folks like you, who have been kindly sharing with us over lo these past 7-8 years!  Thanks to all of y'all!  And sometimes we run across a tune from the interwebs that is absolutely irresistible.  Today we're gonna feature both of those instances.

Feller named Thomas M. shared a shit ton of mixes with us yesterday, and filled a bunch of holes in our collection.  We're still going through 'em, but two great songs jumped to the top of the giftin' pile.  First is the Ramonas'  awesomely revved up and pissed off ode to Santa.  And then there's Hillbilly Casino's trashbilly ode to a very Southern Santa.

And finally, an Xmas truckin' tune, by Wayne Mayfield, we found over at the mighty Junk Shop Juke Box (which should be an essential daily stop for y'all), which we can't resist sharing here, given our well known obsession with all things truckin'.  It's ripped from vinyl, just the way we like it, and it''s a fascinating little tune (head on over to Junk Shop Juke Box to read their take on the tune).  Highly recommended!

The Ramonas: Santa's Got A GTO (mp3)

Hillbilly Casino: Blue Suede Santa (mp3)

Wayne Mayfield: Santa's Trucker (mp3)

As always, please support the artists in any way you can!  Go to shows!  Buy merch!  

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