Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm Drunk and Dirty, Don't Ya Know

Small technical difficulties with our LP to digital making us late today, but here we are!  Day 3 of Big Rock Candy Mountain's 50 Best Records of 2012!

Not much to say, other than encouraging folks to let us know their faves of the year, in case we missed something!

On with it then...

The Big Rock Candy Mountain Best Records of 2012, Part 3

30. Radar Eyes: Radar Eyes

Blip and bleep space travel over Beach Boys fuzz incognito, the last wave on nuclear ground.

Radar Eyes: In Time (mp3)

29. T.Tex Edwards: Intexicated!

Cowpunk castration, a collection of sorts, psycho hillbilly wipe 'em off after shame, stomp and shit-caked boots travelin' gothic sugarcane sleaze.

T.Tex Edwards: Cravin' (mp3)

28. The Golden Boys: Dirty Fingernails

Bar band glory, organ-drenched geetar salvation, last body in the bar looking for love or fucking either one will do, the stink of stale beer and 3 AM hullabaloo.

The Golden Boys: Outta The Dark (mp3)

27. Puffy Areolas: 1982: Dishonorable Discharge

Nasty-ass scuzz, with theme deconstructed out of blown speaker dissolve, cranked-out blown, and blasted fuzzed out vocal disappear. 

Puffy Areolas: Not Tonight (mp3)

26. Andre Williams: Night and Day (with the Sadies)/ LifeHoods and Shades

The legend...3 albums in one year, the very soul of rhythm, hard lived and full of piss, cannot fuck with this man!

Andre Williams and the Sadies: I Gotta Get Shorty Out of Jail (mp3)

25. Becky Lee and Drunkfoot: Hello Black Halo

Big stomp deepcountryblues trashgirl fuck you.

Becky Lee and Drunkfoot: Shoot 'em Down (mp3)

24. Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: Sunday Run Me Over

More Holly Golightly exploration of old weird america, perhaps her best ever, slicing out cotton fields on fire viewed from creaky boards with history crashing and slipping into god, who has abandoned the shack, the devil alive in fire.

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: Goddamn Holy Roll (mp3)

23. Useless Eaters: C'est Bon LP/ Addicted to the Blade 7"

The last bastion at the end of the world, sharded and angular, sleazed-out full of garbage leavings and lo, a saviour!

Useless Eaters: Receiver (Drop the Bomb) (mp3)

22. Hank Haint: Blackout

Yr best Hank Williams for the new millennium,  in rawking chair electric spinning sparks against dying fireflies, the world at it's cowboy end big hat smoldering on wooden planks dreaming of yesteryear.

Hank Haint: Keep On Walking (mp3)

21. The Hussy: Weed Seizure

Psyh-destruction, kaboom, the peace sign shining neon with shards of bellybutton gazing focused into frenzy, toked and twisted into fuzzy blasting aural explosion!
The Hussy: Bang Bang (mp3)

As ever, support the bands and the labels!

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