Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Hang My Star

Ho, ho, ho, holiday humpers!

Oh boy.  Every once in a while we feel the need to apologize for our musical selections, particularly around this time of year.  This is one of those days.  And, unfortunately, this will not be our last.  Hell, we haven't even reached the Red Sovine level of Xmas weepers yet (hold, they're comin'!).  But today...well, today's an extra special level of Holiday pain.  But we sorta feel like we redeemed ourselves at the end.

Remember, if you don't like today's selections, come back tomorrow for something totally different!  We're an equal opportunity gift giver!

Ok, let's get this over with...

A pedal steel drenched Xmas lament from a slumming, tearful Ferlin Husky.   Buskers, before busking was suddenly cool band, Goodies (who may actually be a British comedy troupe) weigh in with a naughty little tune that we must sincerely apologize for (but not too heartily, since it's pretty funny).  Then Elvis wannabe and cult favorite Orion contributes a pure countrypolitian holiday holla'.  And, to keep some semblance of critical and quality control, we offer the mighty Soledad Brothers to help hold things together! 

Santa's a Dirty Git!

Ferlin Husky: Christmas Don't Seem Like Christmas Anymore (mp3)

Goodies: Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me (mp3)

Orion: Christmas Spirit (mp3)

The Soledad Brothers: Hang My Star (mp3)

Good times.  More nonsense to come!

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Duncanmusic said...

Thanks for posting the Goodies. I had the 45 back in the 70s and lamented its loss and resigned myself to never hearing it save on an old worn cassette (one of my firstr mixtapes somehow still hanging on from 1977). It is indeed a funny one and still holds up I think.