Friday, December 14, 2012

Shakin' Santa

More merry madness!

If y'all haven't already done so, head on over to the great Aquarium Drunkard, where they've got a very special Xmas "mixtape", curated by yours truly!  Sort of a "greatest" hits, if you will.  We're pretty proud of the mix, and think you'll dig it!

Today we're gonna keep boppin' along 'round the aluminum tree with some jumped up Yuletunes courtesy of The Sabres, Paul Bain, and Blue Moon Special

Rockin', rollin' and wailin' Santa!

The Sabres: A Cool, Cool, Christmas (mp3)

Blue Moon Special: Flying Home For Christmas (mp3)

Paul Bain: Santa Claus Boogie (mp3)

As ever, please consider helping out those less fortunate this year.  Why not?


Mark said...

Nice plug and a fine mix.

Gill said...

I am in fact listening to it as I type... I dig it deep, and am in debt to you; and greatful for all the tunes you offer up! I'm getting a head start on next years mix, so I won't be so crazy when it's time to put something together for the fam and friends.