Saturday, December 08, 2012

Bongo Beatin' Santa Claus

Back on schedule, with a very, very special Xmas post for all y'all today!  "B" is for "Beatnik"!  "B" is for "Boogaloo"!

We've posted the mighty, hip, and groovin' Babs Gonzales before, with the essential "Be Bop Santa Claus", and here's two more happenin', hip, and jivin' beatnik Holiday tunes for yr pad!

Following those two finger poppers, Baby Jane and the Blenders weigh in with a screamin' good trashy girl group number sure to light up yr Xmas tree!

And what Christmas would be complete without a spooky little tune about everyone's favorite bad guys hijacking the holidays, courtesy of the "monster masher" himself, Mr. Bobby "Boris" Pickett?

Oh yeah, hepsters, this might be the greatest Xmas ever!

Babs Gonzales: Teenage Santa Claus (mp3)

Babs Gonzales: Rock and Roll Santa Claus (mp3)

Baby Jane and the Blenders: You Trimmed My Christmas Tree (mp3)

Bobby Boris Pickett: Monster's Holiday (mp3)

As ever, please consider donating to yr favorite charity this time of the year.  Hell, consider it all year 'round!

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