Sunday, December 02, 2012

Santa Hose

Ho ho, happy holiday humpers!

Day 2 of our daily Xmas blowout!

Didja all enjoy yesterday's merry mistletoe missive?  It just keeps gettin' better from here on out!

Our first present, wrapped in shiny silver organ and pedal steel, comes from the mighty and mighty seminal Evan Johns (a legend), a slurred and sleazy plea to ol' sainted nick (and not the traditional tune you think it is).  Man's a hitch-hiker, and Santa's got his brake lights on.

Next up in the torn wrapping paper sweepstakes are The Diamond Rugs (who's new rekkid, "Middle Brother" is an essential 2012 release..more on that later this year).  A perfect Replacements-style "Here Comes a Regular" for the Xmas crowd.  Yummy and as sad as eating boston market alone on xmas day.  Yeah....

Kick it Santa Style Mofo's!

Evan Johns and His H-Bombs: Please Mr. Santa Claus (mp3)

Diamond Rugs: Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant (mp3)

Merry xmas!  Now put down yr latest toy and think about somebody else.  There are an estimated 1.5 million children who have been homeless this year.  Not "takers"...children.  Giving is a gift. 

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