Monday, December 30, 2013

And The Hardwood Floor Is Home

Day 2 of the highly influential, world famous Big Rock Candy Favorite Records of 2013!!!!  Be the first rock'n'roll kid on yr block to collect 'em all!!!!  Hipsters aint got nothin' on us, what with all their tired, sleepy, mustache miasma!

Reviews will get longer the closer we get to the Top 10, of course. 

Reminder: These are our "favorites"...not a qualitative judgment.  If we miss a great record that y'all like, let us know!

And, of course, as ever, no major label nonsense on this list!!!!  Tracks are vinyl, where available!

Git with it, then...

The Big Rock Candy Mountain Favorite Records of 2013 (Part 2)


40. Colleen Green: Sock It To Me

A little 60's girl group bubblegum, a little 80's new wave, a little lo-fi 90's fuzz, a little modern attitude, all wrapped up in an angelic package lemon-bitter and rainbow sweet.

Colleen Green: You're So Cool (mp3)

39. Eat Skull: III

Set yr controls to the the dark side of Jupiter, fading in and out vocals transmitting over ancient space signal, layered amidst a bed of burning star guitar, half heard blips and bleeps, and fumed rocket rhythms.

Eat Skull: Space Academy (mp3)

38. Mark Kozelek and Desertshore: S/T

The house has been painted, and it's actually a desert tan, slow beauty melody and canyon sad, delicate and windblown, a lazy day with tequila and a fading memory of something lost, but never remembered to be found...summer dress dancing in hazy sun. (and, oddly, lots of swears) (and with a beautiful tribute to former Toiling Midgets/American Music Club/Sun Kil Moon musician Tim Mooney on "Tavoris Cloud")

Mark Kozelek and Desertshore: Livingstone Bramble (mp3)

37. Peoples Temple: More For The Masses

Cult deep scuzz and echoed garage punk thrill filtered through hazy syrup: nasty, swirling, snotty and psych, like the best cherry kool-aid.

Peoples Temple: Looter's Game (mp3)

36. Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds

Sleaze funk noir, poured straight, get yr mutant groove on...trash can workout could've been the soundtrack to an Anton LaVey seminar if he was groovier and had a sense of humor:  Reverb dance party for the damned!

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds: Loud and Proud (mp3)

35. Seasick Steve: Hubcap Music

The real Deep Blues, a seminal performer at the height of his powers, travelin' music for the backroads, muddy truck sprayin' dirt on the windshield, a voice as deep as the darkest bottomless ravine, sliding into backporch  firelfly lament: boogie down the burning barn and dance the road crusted with bottle and regret.

Seasick Steve: Hope (mp3)

34. Brett Detar: Too Free To Live

Back to the Country, pedal steel and fiddle sad, do-si-do hardwood dancing, a stomping and swinging rekkid, weepers and boot-scooters alike,  with a nod to the contemporary and a leg firmly sunk in the classic, a voice to watch, a honky tonk raver!

Brett Detar: Satan's Foot On My Neck (mp3)

33. Yo La Tengo: Fade

There is never a bad Yo La Tengo rekkid (most of 'em are better than anything you've heard all each year)...the most consistently great band of the last 30 years, seriously, here bringing the rawk and the beauty in the heart of sadness...A swirling, psychedelic,rawking, surging ,late night piece of beauty...Mr. Kaplan, Ms. Hubley and Mr. McNew (and they are truly a collaboration) run the range of music history and still produce a uniquely essential collection of tunes, timeless, raw, essential, and full of wonder: There is never a moment where we wouldn't sing the praises of Yo La Tengo, and will defend 'em 'til the end of days.

Yo La Tengo: Ohm (mp3)

32. Shannon and the Clams: Dreams In The Rat House

Surf trash, booze infused clam-bake down on the shore at the end of the world!

Shannon and the Clams: Into A Dream (mp3)

31. Califone: Stitces

Crackling am/fm tuning, the sound between....a music junk-yarded with perfect static, feeding into the perfect moment amongst the hiss and burned out circumstance....the moment between the channels, a surging fuzz and cb fuckplosion. 

Califone: Movie Music Kills A Kiss (mp3)

Support the artists!!!  Buy independent! 


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