Thursday, December 26, 2013

When The Bible Is A Bottle

Xmas is over...time for the world famous Big Rock Candy Mountain Favorite Records of 2013!!!!

This is the point where we usually give some kind of generic overview about our take on the rekkid industry.  Meh...we all like what we like, and great rekkids are being released all the time.  No need to depend on crappy lists from Rolling Stone (gathering moss daily) or wherever else to tell ya what you liked this year.  Perhaps the new Miley Cyrus rekkid really is the best thing heard in 2013.  Who knows????  Only history and time can tell us.

What we'd like to do is draw yr attention to some records that came out this year that we think are pretty swell.  And perhaps you'll like 'em too.  Most of these are on vinyl.  Some of 'em aint.  None of 'em, not a single one, are on anything resembling a "major" label.  And that's ok.  That sorta speaks to whatever quality control or overriding theme or taste y'all might think we have.

We don't call this list a "Best of"....we call it a "favorites".  Nobody gets to decide what's best right now, not in so short a period. 

But these are the records we listened to the most in 2013, in some kind of generic order (though the Top 10 is pretty accurate).

As ever, we're spreading this out over 5 days for maximum enjoyment (or decide). 

Enough rambling...let's hit it!

Presented below, in the first of five parts, are our "favorite" records of the year (and if you don't like what you hear here, stick only gets better!)

The Big Rock Candy Mountain Top 50 Records of 2013 (Part 1)

50. Wild Billy Chyldish and the CTMF: All Our Forts Are With You

Well, it wouldn't be a list without a new rekkid from Billy Childish, the very true spirit of rawk'n'roll.  FTW, always the real deal.  Our hero, keeping the flame alive, and a good way to start out any list.

Wild Billy Chyldish and the CTMF: Musical Tribalist (mp3)

49. The Gospel Truth: A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things

Surging, sax'n'trash, heavy spoogedirt..organ and angular angst yowl!

The Gospel Truth: What Keeps You Up At Night (mp3)

48. Mal Thursday and the Cheetahs: It's All Going Too Fast

Glamboogie reissue, pure VU inspired rawk, the crusted streets of the city shining like diamonds in the rain.

Mal Thursday and the Cheetahs: Torn Up (mp3)

47. Human Eye: 4: Into Unknown

Swirling psych garbage, transporting the moon and the planets into wall of sound disease, listen loud on old-school turntable, headphones set to stun, a journey to the third eye.

Human Eye: Surface of Pluto (mp3)

46. Willard Grant Conspiracy: Ghost Republic

Deep desert prophet growling salvation amongst the rattlesnakes and cacti, far journeyed in dusty jalopy, the AM radio tuned towards static and snatches of transistor 'merica pedal and fiddle wind across the barren landscape.

Willard Grant Conspiracy: Rattle and Hiss (mp3)

45. King Khan and the Shrines: Idle No More

Rawk's greatest wild man, going soul root, still fuzzin' out the trunk junk for the trash can riddim'n' blues-sters,

King Khan and the Shrines: Bad Boy (mp3)

44. Becky Lee and Drunkfoot: One Take Sessions

Lo-Fi sleazy deep blooze truck ride, 2 parts whiskey and 1 part gin in a to-go cup, not stirred but surely shaken.

Becky Lee and Drunkfoot: Cook That Sugar (mp3)

43. Kurt Vile: Wakin' On A Pretty Daze

Ultimate sleepy-eyed slacker anthems, baked and sunshine-scorched on pavement, boarded up bodega love,  bonged-out afternoon ramble.

Kurt Vile: Wakin' On A Pretty Day (mp3)

42. Helen Love: Day-Glo Dreams

Punk rawk dreams in shiny beer-stained floors, 1978 all over again, with traded vocals and 3-chord shout along.  Oh, and also featuring our Song of the Year (see below)!!!!!!

Helen Love: We Are All the Lo-Fi Kids (mp3)

41. Bad Sports: Bras

Badly abused geetar buzzsaw overdrive, snotty and girl-obsessed, short sharp and fuck-all, get yr motor runnin'....

Bad Sports: Washed Up (mp3)

Support the bands!  See 'em live, buy some merch, or buy direct!  No substitute better than a real replacement for crappy mp3 samples!

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schoppenaas said...

Miss Becky Lee, rocking out to The Reverend James Leg in a liquor infested frenzy. Best evening of the year!