Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jailhouse Santa Rock

We're just a day and a week away from the miraculous birth of Shane MacGowan (December 25th to you heathens)!  Man, where does the time go?  Santa Pogue has got his boots shined and is prepping his drunken reindeer for the big run. 

Quick programming note:  After this Holiday madness, we'll be posting our world-famous and highly influential "Best Of 2013" list.  So stick around for that.  Hell, stick around anyway...there's a rumour we might be posting more often in 2014.  Isn't that exciting? 

A very special episode of the Big Rock Candy Mountain Holiday madness for y'all today.

As far as we know, there are no plans for us to spend the Yuletide season in lock-up, but perhaps we're one rye whiskey away, so here's to all the jailbirds Xmas time.

Of course, John Prine's ode to "Christmas In Prison" is a stone cold classic..so why not include the original, and a few  nifty cover tunes as well, courtesy of Christabel and the Jons, Doug Legacy and the Legends of the West,  and Emmy the Great and Lightspeed Champion

After that, two very, very classic boozy Xmas prison tunes, courtesy of the doo-woppy Youngsters and  the piano blues boogie of Leroy Carr

A little sobriety, then, from the right Reverend J.M. Gates, cautioning us all to the consequences of too much Yuletide revelry. 

And finally, even Santa aint immune from the long arm of John Law, the Fuzz, the Man.  Sherwin Linton knows where Santa's been and why...so if yr missing yr presents on Xmas day...well...

Santa's Got Stripes!

John Prine: Christmas In Prison (mp3)

Christabel and the Jons: Christmas In Prison (mp3)

Emmy the Great and Lightspeed Champion: Christmas In Prison (mp3)

Doug Legacy and the Legacy of the West: Christmas In Prison (mp3)

The Youngsters: Christmas In Jail (mp3)

Leroy Carr: Christmas In Jail (Aint that a Pain) (mp3)

Reverend J.M. Gates: Did You Spend Christmas Day In Jail (mp3)

Sherwin Linton: Santa Got A DWI (mp3)

Please support your local, independent chain gang this Holiday season. 

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