Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Whiskey Claus

 Back in the sleigh, with snow on the ground!

Everyone's favorite producer, Jim Diamond,  starts us with a rockin' little soul garage combo, a stomper all 'bout the wastelands of Detroit at Xmas.  After that, a blast of boozy Xmas trashpunksleaze courtesy of the mighty 10 Cent Fuck Flicks.  Not, we repeat, not for the faint of heart. 

Too cool things off a little, legend Eddie Floyd (he of the mighty "I'll Be Your Santa Claus") throws us sweet and soulful "Christmas Party".

And then there's Country crooner Jimmie Selph, with "A Little Boy's Letter to Santa Claus".  It's a weeper, and y'all know how much we like our weepers, those classic Xmas tunes full of horribly delicious pathos and hilarious heart tugging. 

And on the weeper note...why not revisit two of the best?  What Holiday would be complete with the king, Red Sovine?  Our favorites then...The alcoholic haze of "Here It Is Christmas" and the greatest yuletide tune of them all, "Billy's Christmas Wish", who's ending can only be heard to be believed!

Santa's an Emotional Punk!

Jim Diamond's Pop Monsoon: Christmas in Detroit (mp3)

Ten Cent Fuck Flicks: Whiskey Claus (mp3)

Eddie Floyd: Christmas Party (mp3)

Jimmy Selph: A Little Boy's Letter to Santa Claus (mp3)

Bonus Weepers

Red Sovine: Here It Christmas (mp3)

Red Sovine: Billy's Christmas Wish (mp3)

Please give generously to all your favorite alcoholic Santa's the Holiday season. 


Mark said...

Red Sovine - the King of Sad Bastard Christmas music!

Anonymous said...

Bugger me! We're not training our children right. No skills in bring about positive change.
Billy should have go to the local crack dealer and told him that Mr.Brown had ratted him out.

Jerry Lee said...

Wow!! Old Red's one twisted mofo!!