Thursday, December 19, 2013

Breaking Up Xmas

Hey, now, Holiday humpers!!!!  We're just here to tell ya that Santa Claus can be whatever the hell "color" or ethnicity y'all goddam want him to be!!!!  Don't let any fussy folks tell ya different!

More preciously wrapped gifts for y'all today!!!  Can ya feel the tinsel and blinking bulbs?  We sure can!

We've been ignoring our Country fans, so let's break out the eggnog with a little Dwight Yoakam and Ray R. Jones, each giving us a unique (and occasionally hilarious, yet sadly so) take on just who Santa is and what he's rockin' out to.

Norman Edmonds continues the Holiday hoe-down with a breakdown of his own, "Breaking Up Christmas", a fiddle-fueled party, in and of itself!

Bar band Gods, NRBQ and angry young man Graham Parker dig deep into the stockings (pun intended) for some joyous and cranky seasonal cheer and jeer.

Proto-garage swirlers, Paul Revere and the Raiders carry on the tradition, with a low-key pych reading of "Mr. Claus".

And we round out the day's festivus sleigh ride (or should that read "slight" ride?) with a boozy little Irish ("drunk as a skunk" ) tune, courtesy of Paddy Roberts, where we drunkly wait for the nuclear end of all Xmases!

Santa's a Big Cow Poke!

Dwight Yoakam: Santa Can't Stay (mp3)

Ray R. Jones: Rockin' Santa Claus (mp3)

Norman Edmonds: Breaking Up Christmas (mp3)

NRBQ: Christmas Wish (mp3)

Graham Parker: Christmas Is For Mugs (mp3)

Paul Revere and the Raiders: Mr. Claus (mp3)

Paddy Roberts: Merry Xmas You Suckers (mp3)

Please give unto others, as it were!  Support yr local independents, support yr local charities!  If you can afford a gaming console, you can probably throw some dough to folks for whom a video game is just a dream, and a warm meal or blanket might mean all the world!

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Mark said...

Some great songs on this post. Thanks again!