Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Stomp That Xmas

It's a ho ho ho's paradise!  Day 2 of our Yuletide insanity!  No preamble, let's stuff yr stockings!

The mighty Holly Golightly, one of our favorite artists, shakes off the punk for a vibes-drenched lounge-y xmas list.  Her noir vocal take is perfect for a late night, snowy twinkle of tinsel and yule-log crackle.  Break out the bear-skin rug!

Too mellow?  Well, then, the Black Nights and the Guitar Slingers FT will kick yr holiday ass all around the tree, a rockabilly present wrapped up in a grit-down bow!

And the mighty Hank Thompson finishes us off with the greatest Christmas wish ever!  (and one of our Top 5 fave rave Xmas tunes ever!)

Santa's a Stompin' Chimney Diver!

Holly Golightly: That's What I Want For Christmas (mp3)

Black Knights: Xmas Record Hop (mp3)

Guitar Slingers FT: Stomp That Christmas (mp3)

Hank Thompson: I'd Like To Have An Elephant For Christmas (mp3)

As ever, support the artists in any way you can.  The best Xmas gift you can give is help 'em out! 


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