Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Red Eye Santa

Well, 'spect its about that time.  The Holidays (suck it Palin) are upon us, and the world's ears tune into the mighty Mountain to help 'em through the nonsense.  We're here for you.  Daily Posting from now 'til Shane MacGowan's birthday on December 25th!

Did we mention "daily posting"???  Yes we did. 

This may be our last go-around, so we'll try to make it a little extra special. 

Gonna break out long-standing rule, and post some stuff we've posted before.  Lots of classics worth revisiting, and we've been doing this so long, that, well, why the hell not???  Fear not, there will be plenty of "new" tunes to slurp yr eggnog to. 

As ever, feel free to snoop around the archives and make a request.  We'll try to accommodate everyone!

And remember, if ya don't like what ya hear today, stick around.  No day is the same, no style or genre is sacrosanct.  We'll be changing it up daily.

Enough of the intro, let's hop in the sleigh!

Kicking things off is the mighty Untamed Youth, with a hot rod hootenanny, that happens to be one of our top 5 xmas tunes ever!    Television City follow up with a Yuletide ode to punk icon Johnny Thunders, who could be our Santa any day of the year.  Who else could save Christmas, indeed?

Dick Smith knows exactly how Santa gets through such a rough night.  And The Davenports throw down what may actually be our theme over the past 9 years of doing this.  No really. 

Santa's bag is hanging low!

The Untamed Youth: Santa's Gonna Shut 'Em Down (mp3)

Television City: The Night Johnny Thunders Saved Christmas (mp3)

Dick Smith: Red-Eyed Santa (mp3)

The Davenports: Whore For the Holidays (mp3)

Please support your favorite charity this Holiday season!


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be the holidays without BRCM!!! Thank you.

Adrian said...

Totally agree with Anonymous. Fantastic stuff, thank you.

Mark said...

Christmas at BRCM is the best!

bigrockcandymountain said...

Shucks, thank y'all! We'll try to keep ya as entertained as possible. Thanks for sticking around!

schoppenaas said...

Bring 'em on, Big Rock! Ho ho ho!