Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolution

Taking a break from the Big Rock Candy Mountain "Top 50"rekkids o' the year to wish each and everyone one of ya a very Happy New Year!!!!!!

So...some rawkin' tunes to help ya through the night!  

Be safe, be happy, and lovelovelove yr fellow man, woman, person, no matter what!!!!!  Remember, we're all in this together, this crazy world!  Drink up and spread the joy!!!

Johnny Paycheck: The Old Year Is Gone (mp3)

Mae West: My New Year's Resolutions (mp3)

Charles Brown: Bringing In A Brand New Year (mp3)

Roy Milton and the Solid Senders: New Year's Resolution Blues (mp3

Roy Tan and Combo: Happy New Year (mp3)

Slade: Here's to the New Year (mp3)

Be good too each other! 


Adrian said...

Like finding that all the Christmas cake hasn't been eaten! Thanks very much for your marvellous blog!

Anonymous said...

thanks big rock - jut found you, but am loving your work!