Friday, December 01, 2006

Bongo Fury Santa

Like, wow, man, we're getting hit here with the first proper snowstorm of the year. And the aluminum Christmas tree got up just in time. Yep, I said aluminum. It's real purty, just needs some proper ornaments to fit the style.

Tonight I'm out for festive beverages with friends for an early holiday celebration, and I wondered if anything could be a better soundtrack for the evening with the beatniks than, well, "Beatnik's Wish" by Patsy Raye, the classic hepster's Christmas song, Babs Gonzalez notwithstanding (we'll get to Babs later this month).

Then I realized I had already posted that a couple of years ago, so I figgered I'd add a swell little number by Ed "Kookie" Byrnes entitled "Yulesville", a flurry of drums and be bop jazz-lite, with Byrnes giving his finger snapping version of The Night Before Christmas.

These fine songs aren't exactly the height of seriousness, but, really, how serious can you be about a fat man in a red suit? What they will do is help your hot butter rum toddy go down even smoother at your next swinging Holiday party.


Blah, blah, blah, independent record stores, blah blah blah.


JointChief said...

Thanks a million! These tracks are gonna be great at our x-mas party! Nothing says Christmas, like a hep beatnik crooning away. Why is this reminiscent of the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas special? Oh yeah, cause the tenemant the little girl (boy?) lives in is probably just a few doors down from Patsy Raye's.

Anonymous said...

Yours is one of the most original blogs on the web. Thanks.

M said...

hey--can you email me at I'd like to invite you to vote in the critics poll I'm running. Thanks!

Jamdin said...

I dig these crazy Christmas songs, daddyo.