Thursday, December 14, 2006

Radio Free Santa

Well. Here's two fellers you wouldn't normally expect to find side by side outside of free-form radio. But why the hell not?

Gentleman Jim Reeves is a little too pop for some Country purist's liking. We here find him to perfectly acceptable. His laconic voice reminds us of another Mountain favorite, Dean Martin, not in sound but in approach. If that makes a lick of sense. There's room for all kinds of Country under our Christmas tree. Not Garth Brooks, though. Never Garth Brooks.

Our cover star, El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, is one of the finest vocal stylists working today. We'd take him over the overrated Mr. Presley any day of the week. And we aint kidding. Really.

Feliz Navidada!

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Anonymous said...

Sure have been enjoying your holiday posts!