Tuesday, December 19, 2006

S'not Christmas

Gonna load you up over the next couple of days. Feel free to get loaded. Erm...

A little snot for Christmas today. Call it punk rock, call it trash, call it rock'n'roll. I dunno.

Nothing beats trash wunderkind Billy Childish in the guise of the Buff Medways.

The Replacements were the greatest band of the 80's, bar none. Really, I can't think of a rational argument that would convince me otherwise. The following tune is from a bootleg, so it's pretty much what you'd expect, sound-wise. But it kicks ass, and you need it.

Lisa Kekaula of The Bellrays could pretty much give Rachel Nagy of the Detroit Cobras a run for her money, so far as smoky, trashy, full-throated trashsoul goes. Hell I think she might even win.

The Mono Men are just nasty. And that's why we like them.

Enjoy these fine traditional Yuletide numbers.

Enjoy the spirit of independence this year.


Anonymous said...

Dave Dudley, the Replacements and the Mono Men? The Mountain just can't be beat.


Mark said...

Rachel Nagy is of the Detroit Cobras, not the Dirtbombs.

Dexter said...

Replacements link seems to lead to the BellRays...thanks for the tunes.

bigrockcandymountain said...

Gah, I'm an idiot. The Replacements link is fixed. And I've corrected my Dirtbombs/Detroit Cobras error....never post intoxicated, kids!!!!!!

trastos said...

You might recognize the Replacements song as a rewritten "Jungle Rock" a rockabilly classic by Hank Mizell