Friday, December 15, 2006

Steady Santa

Happy Hanukkah, beginning tonight! My apologies for not having any tunes to go along. I'll try to do better next year. Any suggestions?

Speaking of things I haven't posted about, I've never really discussed Reggae or Ska here at the Mountain. It's not that we dislike those forms. We're actually big fans, particularly of Ska. I just wouldn't consider myself anywhere near qualified in my limited knowledge to post intelligently. Not that any other posts here could be called intelligent, per se.

That said, I thought I'd throw a little Ska and Reggae your way today, courtesy of the keen Trojan Records Christmas Box Set.

Yellowman wants to know why Santa is selective in his destinations.

And The Granville Williams Orchestra knows how Santa really gets around. When he's actually showing up.

Yellowman: Santa Never Comes To The Ghetto (mp3)

The Granville Williams Orchestra: Santa Clause Is Ska-ing To Town (mp3)

Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop, Buy, Buy, Buy, Fa la la la la.


HelloCaitlinT said...

Hi! Just wanted to pass along how much I've enjoyed the Christmas posts! So fun!

As far as Hanukkah songs, have you heard this:

I haven't listened to it yet but seems cool.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note: Woody Guthrie has a short little piece called the Hanukkah Dance. Thanks for all the great holiday music so far!

Anonymous said...

For great Hannukah music, try Smooth E (Eric Schwartz) at, or Gefilte Fuck at LHaiym!



MuzzikLvr said...

My favorite Chanukah song is "Chanukah In Santa Monica" by Tom Lehrer. It's hysterical!