Monday, December 04, 2006

Santa Is A Trucker


Didja know that Santa's a trucker? No? Oh, sure he is. How the hell else do you think he hauls all that shit all over the world? The sleigh thing is just a front, a way to throw off potential highway robbers. You won't find his name on the IBT rosters, though. They keep this stuff real secret, like. So you get this breaking news here first. Big Rock Candy Mountain is your source for exposing all the latest news and secret conspiracy theories.

We like trucking music a whole bunch of bunches here at the Mountain. But you knew that already.

And we think Red Simpson is the cat's meow. One of the holy trinity of trucking songs, with Dave Dudley and Del Reeves, Simpson has been in on the Santa Claus conspiracy for quite some time. All the way back in 1973, with his album Truckers' Christmas, ole Red was exposing the truth and sticking up for the trucker's of the world, Santa's true Elves.

Truck on, Santa, truck on.

Red Simpson: Santa's Comin' in a Big Ol' Truck (mp3)

Red Simpson: Out On The Road For Christmas (mp3)

Please support your local, independent truck stops this holiday season.

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Roberto said...

Red Simpson is a good singer, but I didn't find my prefer song on your archive: Truckin' Trees For Christmas. Where can i find it???