Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa's Got A Mixed Bag

The best radio station in the country, WFMU, has a blog. And on that blog they mentioned this here little corner of the world as a place to check out for Holiday music. I am both honored and humbled. The individual writing the entry singled out Jimmy Butler's "Trim Your Tree" as their favorite. As I had just deleted the song for exceeding the one week limit, I think it's only fair to re post the song:

Now for a hodge podge of stuff I didn't mange to fit elsewhere this month. There's one more Holiday post tomorrow, but if you've visited here for any length of time, you can probably guess what tunes are going up on Friday. I've got a ton more stuff, but y'all are just going to have to wait 'til next year.

And don't forget to stop back on Tuesday for the four- part, world-famous Big Rock Candy Mountain Best of 2006 extravaganza. Yippee.

Jim Lauderdale is one of the best songwriters working in Country and Americana today. His whiskey-tinged vocals serve well in contrast to folks like Ralph Stanley, who he's recorded Bluegrass albums with, and on it's own on keenly observed slice of life songs.

Sonny Boy Williamson (II) kicked some nasty Mississippi blues harmonica, with a gritty, worn voice to match. He's a favorite here at the Mountain.

Can you surf in a garage? The Trashmen found a way to make you feel like you could, here begging Santa Claus to aid and abet in their teenage lust.

And finally, Jump Blues bandleader extraordinaire Jimmy Liggins knows what we all really want for the Holidays.

Thanks for supporting your local, independent record stores this Holiday season.


Chabelo es Dios said...

Not the right season for making comparisons, but taking a quick look at BRCM in Christmastime is overwhelming. Anyway, I just made my humble Christmas Mix.

Cheers from Mexico.

Chabelo es Dios said...

BRCM=Big Rock Candy Mountain, not Black Rebel Club Motorcycle O_o

Chris said...

I have been loving your Xmas postings.
I agree that the Jimmy Butler is the best.
Give "Presents for Xmas" by Solomon burke a listen

Thanks again

Coolidge Corner - Clinton said...

It is a pleasure to send people your way - yours is one of the best music blogs out there. Thanks for reposting the song! I've been digging all of your Christmas posts this year. And I'll definitely be mentioning you in future "truffle" postings. (PS - Your Hardrock Gunter posting earlier this year convinced me to download both of the albums up on emusic, and they were fantastic. Thanks!)