Friday, December 08, 2006

Coalminer's Holiday


Long night last night. Still a little woozy. There's something about a bar/lounge/pub during the holidays. Maybe it's the string of cheap lights, or the desperate cheerfulness, or the cheerless desperation. Guess it depends on where you are.

So this'll be a short one.

We love Loretta Lynn up here on the Mountain. Of all the great female Country artists, and they are legion, Loretta's our favorite. Our patron saint. Maybe it's her backwoods angel voice. Maybe it's her common folks real life story. Maybe it's her unique beauty. Regardless, she's always welcome for drinks on our back porch.

"I Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree" is her Holiday version of the Mountain's favorite Lynn song "Don't Come A'Drinkin'..."

Loretta Lynn: I Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree (mp3)

Loretta Lynn: Country Christmas (mp3)

Independent record store clerks kinda look like elves.

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Fire of lovE said...

Hello my friend, hope everything is well and Merry Christmas. Just wanted you to know that I´m back in the Blog businuess. Sorry to say I write in my own language but you will understand the music :-)

Fire of lovE

I will put up a link to a wordtranslator Asap